Team Try Outs 2018

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You only have to come to one try out! Current team members do not have to attend try outs.
Do they love gymnastics, are at least 5 years old and want to be on the competitive team? Then, by all means, come see what the team all entails. Your child will be assessed by a coach to make sure your child is placed in tHow do I know if my child is ready for the try outs? he correct class to get on that competitive track. All pre-team members need to try out if they want to be part of the xcel bronze team.

Why are we doing try outs? 
This is the first year TNT is having team try outs, because we want to give everyone the opportunity to be on the Xcel Team if they have the desire. We are also holding try outs because we have limited spots on our teams!

What is pre-team?
Pre-team is a 2 hour class that trains at minimum 1x per week. This is the gateway to developing the skills needed to eventually pursue the xcel team. Pre-team students should have back/front walkovers or limbers, pull-overs on bars & levers and side-handstand holds on beam. Pre-team students do not compete in 4-event competitions, but are encouraged to do tumbling meets!

What are the requirements for xcel bronze?
You are required to practice 1x per week. The xcel bronze classes are 2 hours long. Year-round training is highly recommended for all xcel students to keep up the skill-training needed to keep progressing. Xcel bronze students must compete in at least 3 competitions (2 competitions leading up to state & the State competition).
Tuition Costs:
$85 / month tuition for 1x/wk Bronze Team = $956.25
Pay in full by June 1st for the full year (June 2018-May 2019) for a 10% discount = $860.63

Competition Season Costs: 
$65 TNT In House Mock Meet *recommended
$135 Dairy Aire Invite (Madison, WI) *recommended
$130 Xcel State Meet 2019
$30 USAG Membership Fee
*More competitions are offered, but this would be the average minimum cost to compete for the 2019 season. 

Team Apparel
$150 Team Leotard*
$165 Team Warm Up*
$65 TeamBack pack(optional)*
*Final price will be determined at time of order in August 2018. These are a high estimate
We keep competitive leotards for 2 years (even numbered years for Xcel 2018, 2020. etc). We keep warm-ups for 4 years.

For the 2018-19 Competition Season we will accept credit card (visa, discover, master card) for online payments for competition related expenses, in addition to cash/check. 

Fundraising Opportunities:
Summer 2018
Fall 2018 Rural Route 1 Popcorn Fundraiser
Winter/Spring 2019 Butterbraid Fundraiser

Team Member Only Events: 
Yearly Formal Team Banquet
Yearly Team Lock In
Team Only Open Gyms


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