TNT-Richland Center

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Updated Class Schedules for Summer 2020

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic we are currently in - we have modified the summer 2020 class schedules.
  • All classes will have a MAX of 9 students in class to ensure we are following social distancing. There will be NO overlapping classes. Max # of people in gym at one time will be 10!
  • Parents will drop off only - no parents/siblings waiting in lobby. To reduce the amount of people/traffic in waiting area.
  • Please don't drop child off more than 5 minutes before their class. 
  • There will be no make-up classes to ensure we do not go over the limit. If you need a special circumstance please contact Danielle via e-mail at to see if there is an available class. 
  • Some classes have been shortened due to having fewer kids than usual & in order to fit all the classes we need in during the summer session. 
We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause as the current situation is completely out of everyones control. When we are able to re-open we would rather be prepared to follow the social distancing guidelines if needed rather than cut spots later. IF we are allowed to reopen without any restrictions we will announce any changes via e-mail.
Thank you for your patience during this difficult time. Your support for TNT is greatly appreciated.

Stay Well,
Danielle & Tracy 

2020 Summer Richland Center Schedule

June 1 - August 21
**LOCATION** AT THIS TIME WE WILL BE STAYING AT 1030 E KINDER STREET FOR THE SUMMER. Once we get back on our feet and adjusted to the new normal we will revisit the idea to transition for fall. 
Please view important reminders at the bottom of this page. 
  • Tuition listed is the MONTHLY tuition cost for 1x/week and is due by the 12th of the month - View Updated 2020 Billing Information.
    10% off 2nd child, 15% off 3rd child, 4th Child Free!
    25% off 2nd class, 50% off 3rd class
    **These discounts apply to recreational students/families only. Discount is taken off the class of lesser value. 

Important Reminders

  • Only coaches and students are allowed in gymnastics area – parents/guardians must remain outside the gym area. 
  • Students should come prepared to class with athletic clothing or leotard; hair must be put up and no dangly jewelry. Please have students bring a water bottle.
  • Please watch your child before and after class – we are not a daycare facility.
  • Dismissal: Please pick your child up in the waiting area promptly after class. For safety reasons & due to many coaches commuting long distances we need to close the gym on time. We ask that you do not tell your child(ren) to wait outside the building for you. Please contact TNT if you will be arriving late by e-mailing and we will notify your child after class. There will be a late pick-up charge of $20 applied to your account for anything over 15 minutes late. 
  • Classes may be canceled if there isn’t enough interest.
  • No refunds/make-ups for dropped or missed classes. YOU MUST NOTIFY the gym manager if you wish to drop classes during the session before the month has begun or you will be charged accordingly.  
  • Weather Cancellations: Unfortunately, we do live in WI & have some pretty unpredictable weather. We will ATTEMPT to make up the 1st two weather cancellations, all others after these two will be canceled without make-up or refund. 
New students are accepted throughout the session until classes are filled. Tuition price listed is the monthly tuition fee.