Winter/Spring 2019 Team Class Schedule

(January 5 - May 19)
*Please note that the tuition cost listed is per month for 1x/wk. (March & May are pro-rated at 25% off  for only having 3 wks of classes)
Team Discounts: 2nd day 50% off, 3rd day 60% off, 4th & 5th Day 70% off.

Scheduled Breaks/Days Off:
March 25-31 (Spring Break)
April 20-21 (Easter Weekend)
May 20-June 2 (Session Break)

Important Reminders:
Weather Cancellations: Unfortunately, we do live in WI & have some pretty unpredictable weather. We will ATTEMPT to make up the 1st two weather cancellations, all others after these two will be canceled without make-up or refund. 
**No refunds for dropped or missed classes.
Team students are subject to 2 personal make-ups during the fall/winter sessions. Any more are subject to a drop-in fee.
**Drop-In Fees are as follows:
1 hr practice: $15
2 hr practice: $25
3 hr practice: $30
4 hr practice: $40
**Due to shortened sessions - Sauk Prairie Team classes are found under their location tab!