Please read updated wellness policies & illness policies below!

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We have been busy cleaning and sanitizing gyms for your return. We are missing you all dearly and SO EXCITED to announce that we will be opening for the summer 2020 session on June 1st, as scheduled! We will be slowly phasing in our competitive team classes May 18-29 with extra wellness protocols and cleanings in place - so we should have it down pat before we charge into the summer session!

PLEASE SEE EMAIL OR CHECK PARENT PORTAL for UPDATED class times! Most class times have changed due to adding 15 min breaks between classes to ensure we have time to sanitize between classes.  
  • Classes will be limited to 9 gymnasts to limit our group size (including the coach) to 10. 
  • A class may be canceled if there isn't enough interest. 
  • Each gymnast needs a backpack or bag to put all their items (clothes, grips, braces, shoes, waterbottle, etc.)
  • Each gymnast should have a personal size hand sanitizer in their bag as well to help limit traffic out to lobby and to use between rotations.
  • There will be 9 spots marked on the floor more than 6' apart. Each student will enter gym and go directly to a spot with their backpack/belongings. 
  • Each gymnast MUST come dressed and ready for practice in their attire. No changing in bathrooms. Use restroom before leaving home. Bathrooms will be available, but we want to limit bathroom use.
  • Water fountains closed at this time, bring water bottle labeled with name. 
  • No shared chalk station. Each competitive team student using grips/chalk will be given as follows 1 block of chalk per month if they come more than 3 days per week; 1 block of chalk every other month if they come less than 3 days per week. If they need more they will have to purchase for $3/block. Gymnast must bring a 1-gallon ziplock bag (don't get the slider ones - those things pop off too easily, might be safe to throw an extra in their bag in case it breaks). If they use a spray bottle/scratcher - they will need to provide their own, no sharing. 
  • Face masks are welcomed, but not required. 
  • NO siblings/spectators in waiting area that are NOT enrolled in class. 
  • PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE try to drop-off/pick-up ONLY!
  • 1 parent allowed for younger classes in waiting area, must maintain social distancing requirements! 
  • All seating has been removed in waiting areas and will remain as such as long as social distancing guidelines are in place
  • No parent watch weeks at end of sessions at any location. 
  • Any signs of being sick - PLEASE STAY HOME! :) We will send home anyone that seems to have any symptoms when they arrive or if they become ill during class. 
We completely understand if you are uncomfortable attending these practices at this time, we look forward to seeing you when the time is right. Please let us know if you won't be joining us this summer. Remember to be respectful of everyone, their choices, and please, please, please BE KIND! :)

Please see all the updated information attached and let us know if you have any questions or concerns.

We miss everyone so much & CANNOT wait to see you! Although the guidelines and times are not ideal together we can stay healthy!

Sauk Prairie - TBA Summer Session... 
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TNT Wellness Policy 2020

Please read & sign policy on parent portal!

Download "TNT Wellness Policy 2020.pdf"

TNT Illness Policy 2020

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2020 AT-HOME LEARNING  - Register Now Below!

Recreational Classes $45 for 6 wks
Pre-School (2 - 4 yrs)
  • Starting Tuesday 4/21 you will receive an e-mail every week on TUESDAY morning. This e-mail will include a link to a YouTube video** created by TNT Staff for you to follow.
  • You will also receive a weekly activity sheet, & a skills check-list. The parent will have the ability to submit an e-mail to with a video clip (no longer than 1 minute) of the skills on the check-list and a TNT staff member will respond with their feedback, corrections & advice to prepare you for the following week!
Pre-Team/Dynamo & Bronze Team $75 for 6 wks
  • Starting Tuesday 4/21 you will receive an e-mail every week on TUESDAY morning. This e-mail will include a link to a YouTube video** created by TNT Staff for you to follow.
  • 1 - weekly Zoom meeting Friday 10-10:40am
  • You will also receive a weekly activity sheet, & a skills check-list. The parent will have the ability to submit an e-mail to with a video clip (no longer than 1 minute) of the skills on the check-list and a TNT staff member will respond with their feedback, corrections & advice to prepare you for the following week!
Xcel Silver-Gold & Level 4-5 $95 for 5 wks
  • 5-weeks - will start 4/27
    3 weekly Zoom Meetings M/T/Th 10-11am
  • Starting Tuesday 4/28 you will receive an e-mail every week on TUESDAY morning. This e-mail will include a link to the Advanced YouTube video** created by TNT Staff for you to follow & an activity/worksheet
    J.O. Level 6-9 & Xcel Platinum/Diamond Team $125 for 5 wks
    • 5-weeks - will start 4/27
      4 weekly Zoom Meetings M/T/Th/F 8:30am-9:50am 
    • Starting Tuesday 4/28 you will receive an e-mail every week on TUESDAY morning. In this e-mail will include a link to a YouTube video** created by TNT Staff for you to follow & an activity/worksheet
    PAYMENT - Your credit card on file will be charged within 24 hours of registering for the class. Late registrations will receive all videos/etc needed! If you have a credit on account your card will not be charged.

    FREE WEEKLY WORKOUT Wednesdays 9 am on ZOOM. 
    Meeting Code: 805-873-1840
    Password: tnt2020

    2020 TNT Billing/Session Calendar

    UPDATED 3/15/2020 due to COVID-19!
    We have been getting lots of questions/interests regarding auto-withdrawal. We would like to make it easier on families and help avoid late charges.
    Starting January 1, 2020, all accounts will be required to have a credit card on file. Monthly Memberships will receive a statement e-mail prior to the 1st of the month & again on the 7th of the month if it hasn't been paid. If you would rather drop cash/check off at the gym - this must be received by the 7th, and I will be applying them by the 12th to your accounts. If you plan on having your payment automatically deducted via your saved credit/debit card, it will be pulled from your credit card on or around the 12th and you can also disregard the 2nd statement. If your card is declined for any reason you will be charged a $5 late fee and you will receive a statement/personal e-mail. If the account is not paid by the end of the month you will be dropped from your class. Payments that are returned due to insufficient funds will be charged $35. In the event this occurs, I understand all further payments must be paid in cash or money order.
    Session Membership-You agree to pay for the full session by January 12th for Winter/Spring, June 12th for Summer Session & September 12th for Fall Session. If payment is not received by these dates you will be switched to a monthly membership and payment will be auto withdrawn from your credit card on file.
    You must give us a written letter or e-mail to notify us of dropped classes on or before the 11th of the month before you plan on dropping or your account will be charged. No refunds will be issued.
    Sauk Prairie/Livingston Locations will run on full-session memberships ONLY. Your card will be charged after first class of session if you do not make payment prior. Contact us if you need to make other payment arrangements. 

    Download "2020 TNT Billing Calendar.pdf"

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    New to TNT Gymnastics? Go to the "Location" tab above and go to your desired location to view class schedule. Click "ENROLL" next to the class you would like and you can begin setting up new account! Team Students - go to the "Team" page. 
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    Check out our birthday party options HERE!

    TNT Gymnastics, LLC.:  Weather Cancellations

    Weather Cancellations (updated 9/10/2018):
    TNT will attempt to make up the first 2 cancellations of each session. All cancellations after that will be missed without refund/make-up due to scheduling limitations. Notifications for weather-related cancellations will be announced on our Facebook page and via e-mail. We try to make these calls by Noon (12pm) at the latest to give everyone plenty of notice.
    You can also call the voicemail of (608) 279 - 9913. 

    TNT's Future is as Dynamic as its Program

    By Correne Martin
    Prairie du Chien has truly been the home of TNT Gymnastics’ Cinderella story. The program started at the community roller rink 18 years ago and, during that time, it has utilized several cramped, sometimes unsuitable, gym spaces.
    Until now, that is.
    TNT Gymnastics will break ground on an ultra-modern new facility on La Pointe Street, behind the Windsor Place, in mid-October, and expects the gym to be open by the first of the year. There will be a grand opening in the spring.
    Getting to this point has very much been a rags to riches tale.
    Tracy (Steldt) Troxel started TNT in an old karate studio in Boscobel 19 years ago. The following year, she expanded, adding locations in Prairie du Chien and Richland Center.
    “I contacted the local high school coach, told her I ran a tumbling program and wanted to work with her,” Tracy remembered. “She welcomed me in and we opened up in the old roller rink on Sundays.”
    Once her two additional programs began growing, and not having a place to call home in Boscobel anymore, Tracy decided to end offerings there. She opened gyms in Spring Green, Mauston and, last year, Waukon, Iowa. Her employees have grown from one to now 12, including three full-time.
    “We started with the rec program, then turned to amateur and now we’re in the professional league of USA Gymnastics,” Tracy said proudly.
    Tracy moved from the Milwaukee area to Blue River with her family at the age of 10. Her parents enrolled her in a Wauzeka-based program, run by Karla Zinkle: KZ Tumblers.
    “I started in her garage,” she laughed. “But I got kind of good. Karla was a really important person to me. She taught me how to read a kid’s heart.”
    As she grew older, Tracy began training and competing through Livingston Twisters, an organization run by John Mullarney. “He taught me how to be professional, about education and how to be a high-level gymnast. He took me all the way to nationals,” she noted.
    By that time, Tracy had become a level 9 gymnast, qualifying to nationals in California in 2002. She then moved on to MadTown Twisters, where she finished her competitive career at the highest USAG Junior Olympic level as a level 10 gymnast.
    “I had reached all my dreams and goals. That’s when gymnastics turned into a full-time thing,” she said. “I opened TNT at the age of 19.”
    Tracy recalled telling her teacher, in the fifth grade, that she wanted to become a gymnastics coach when she “grew up.” Now, she’s actually living those aspirations, loving it and can hardly believe her destiny. She’s not only the business owner but also the head coach at the Richland Center location. She lives in Gays Mills.
    Tracy’s gym manager at TNT Gymnastics, Danielle Mueller, is also the head coach for the Prairie du Chien and Mauston programs, and the recreational and team coach in Richland Center. She reached level 9 status under Tracy’s coaching and qualified for the western championships in Oklahoma in 2009. She holds a degree in health education.
    Kristen Brooks is the third full-time coach. She leads Prairie du Chien’s competition team and is head coach at the Waukon, Iowa, gym.
    “We have had a lot of really good success of raising the gymnasts and then they become our coaches,” Tracy commented.  The junior assistant program, as it’s called, brings in a few of the older team members to help with classes, build their leadership skills and show them how to become instructors.
    In Prairie du Chien, total membership has grown from 20 kids in the beginning to over 200 students, as TNT’s highest-enrolled program. Recreational and club athletes come from a 45-mile radius to train in Prairie du Chien. Tracy believes TNT’s positive development is a testament to its coaching.
    “I’ve been saving up [to build a new gym] since I started TNT Gymnastics,” she continued. “I’m so grateful for the commitment I’ve had from my customers, the parents. They’ve stuck by me through the years.”
    Tracy described the many relocations TNT has had in 18 years in Prairie du Chien. After the roller rink closed, they were welcomed into Bluff View School, but soon the school needed the space, so the program moved to the Hoffman Hall basement. Later, they used the high school wrestling room, went back to Bluff View, then to MPC and, currently, they’re settled at a warehouse near Prairie Cinema.
    In recent months, Tracy began realizing the warehouse, which is rented to other entities too, simply wasn’t working out well for TNT. When faced with the decision to either move to another inadequate space or to bravely invest in her success by building anew, she chose the latter.
    “Ninety percent of our kids come from Prairie du Chien and northeast Iowa, and they’ve never been able to utilize TNT like our other communities. For them to up and move all the time, roll out panel mats to tumble on and use broken-down equipment, they were helping support my future vision for this business,” Tracy bragged. “Prairie du Chien was really the location I always envisioned our program being based in.”
    Additionally, TNT has an outstanding partnership with the school district in Prairie du Chien, she added, saying the two “feed off of each other” and are happy to see the other flourish.
    For example, the high school coach is an employee of TNT. The junior high and high school gymnasts, as well as wrestlers and track competitors, have benefitted from TNT’s facility, equipment and even its coaching expertise. The school district has certain equipment TNT makes use of regularly. And, Tracy and Danielle have volunteered to spot for and originate routines for the high school gymnastics team occasionally.
    In nearly two decades locally, the program has helped train some of Prairie du Chien’s most well-known gymnasts prior to high school, including Colleen Jones, Jamie Feye, Brittany Sheckler, Madeline Peterson, and now Kylee O’Kane and Mackenzie Pettit.
    Tracy noted that wrestlers today are finding that a backbend arch is a good way to escape a wrestling hold. Plus, pole vaulters and high jumpers are learning greater flexibility in order to strengthen their performances.
    While TNT’s new facility has been a thrilling announcement, the business is also purchasing the latest, state-of-the-art equipment for its new home.
    “We’re going to have all the bells and whistles. I’m so excited for this new building mostly for our customers,” she declared. “Enrollment is increasing here, parents are super accommodating, people are volunteering. Fifty percent of our students are coming from this area.”
    Though gymnastics is TNT’s bread and butter, Tracy said her other programs are doing well, too. In all, she offers recreational and competitive team gymnastics, wrestling-focused flexibility and tumbling, ninja course training, acrobatics classes for dancers, open gym, private lessons, adult classes, cheer and tumble classes, toddler classes, themed tumbling and even birthday parties.
    Children age 2.5 through teen can join the program and are welcome at any ability level. The fun is not just for girls and you don’t have to be a member to enjoy TNT. She pointed out that, this past summer, she saw an average of 40 boys at the Prairie du Chien site.
    “This new facility will be a place where kids can come and get away from the (TV and computer) screen or use  the equipment during the winter,” Tracy said, noting that she’d like to see home school and day care groups and families come enjoy the trampoline, ninja warrior course and “paint and tumble” opportunities.
    Moving into the future, she envisions continuing TNT’s enthusiastic environment and enriching experiences for young people. She loves to empower participants and provide them lifelong benefits through their accomplishments.
    “I like to motivate kids. The number one thing I, personally, found about gymnastics was that it gave me confidence,” Tracy vowed. “I’m not here just to train gymnastic athletes. I want to teach them how to work hard and have that confidence. I want them to find something that can help them feel good about themselves.”

    Read full article from the Courier Press on 9/27/17 by clicking HERE

    About TNT Gymnastics

    TNT Gymnastics was opened in 1999 by Tracy (Steldt) Troxel in a Karate Studio in Boscobel, WI. Tracy then expanded adding a location in Prairie du Chien, WI & Richland Center, WI. Eventually closing the Boscobel location to focus on growing the Richland Center and Prairie du Chien locations. Tracy was a USAG level 10 gymnast as well as a level 10 national qualifier. Tracy is married to her high school sweetheart Jesse Troxel and they have three children--Jade, Jesse Jr. & Jaxon.

    Currently, TNT consists of five locations: Richland Center, Prairie du Chien, Sauk Prairie, Waukon & Mauston. We also do pop-up seasonal programs in Spring Green & Lancaster during winter/summer!

    TNT has a wide range of classes available:
    *recreational classes
    *competitive team experience
    *wrestling focused flexibility and tumbling
    *cheer & tumble classes
    *toddler classes
    *birthday parties
    *open gyms
    *private lessons
    *themed tumbling meets